EEMS – PaperCut MF ‘Best Solution Sell’ award

award-EEMSThis month provide a great opportunity for EEMS to attend the first annual PaperCut ASC conference, hosted from PaperCut’s very impressive offices in Hawthorn. Despite the fact we didn’t get an exciting holiday out of the event (our offices are separated by a 20 minute drive on a good day), it was invaluable for our representatives to meet the international ASCs and get a detailed insight from PaperCut as to where they feel the future of our industry is heading.

The highlight of this week was quite easily the ASC Award night hosted at the top of the Eureka Skytower. This is by far the best vantage point of Melbourne, and a certifiable miracle the Melbourne sky stayed clear for the evening to show off the city and added to the occasion with a spectacular full moon.

EEMS, represented by Tony and Damien, were more than happy to accept an award for Best Solution Sales Approach. This award recognized the ability for EEMS to tailor a solution for their clients, integrating PaperCut into sites in harmony with existing solutions. We have long prided ourselves on this approach to our customers, and the recognition was wonderful to receive.

Kent (PaperCut), Matt (PaperCut), Damien (EEMS), Tony (EEMS) and Chris (PaperCut) at the ASC Awards.

Kent (PaperCut), Matt (PaperCut), Damien (EEMS), Tony (EEMS) and Chris (PaperCut) at the ASC Awards.

The Alliance – ‘Better together’


EEMS is proud and excited to announce our alliance with Copy Monitoring. Together, we now represent PaperCut as joined Authorised Solution Centres.

This means we are able to increase our sales and support resources across Asia/Pacific. Manufacturers and VARs can get in touch with the Alliance as if it were a single company, as both EEMS and Copy Monitoring will coordinate activities in given territories to address sales enquiries, pre-sales requests, presentations, installations and support tickets.

The idea is simple; we are better together.

EEMS Support – solving problems.

Every now and then we get a request for help via support that can’t be solved with the standard features of a product, and we need to look elsewhere for a solution.

Recently, we were presented with a need from one of our clients who wanted to be alerted when any user within the system was credited with a value exceeding a threshold. i.e. they wanted an administratoremail_alert to be emailed if (as an example) $100 was credited to a student user.

While the features of the products we promote cover most use cases, this particular need isn’t currently provided in the solution this customer uses. While adding it in future releases is certainly possible, in this case there is a need for urgency.

Knowing the database schema very well, and having a level of proficiency in Microsoft SQL Server amongst our staff, we were able to demonstrate quickly a solution using a trigger deployed on the database set to fire after a transaction is written to the database. If the given transaction met the requirement (exceeded the allowed limit), we called an existing stored procedure to send an email to the nominated recipient.

This is a great example of how knowing the product, understanding the supporting systems and a little bit of creativity can deliver the right outcome for the client. We enjoy the challenge of thinking outside the square, so be sure to contact support if there’s a particular problem you feel we can help solve.

PaperCut User Web Tools rebrand/customisation

A less frequently used option with PaperCut is the ability for a site to rework the PaperCut User Web Tools to better reflect the styling of the organisation.

EEMS have just completed one of these rebranding jobs for RMIT, changing the colour scheme and logos to match the approved colour choices and design requirements of the University. This included

  • The use of the RMIT logo including appropriate spacing around the logo to meet specification.
  • Changing the header, navigation and footer colour schemes.
  • Applying the sites choice of font.
  • In some cases reworking the lettering case on menu items.

This is achieved through custom applying css and jQuery elements on the PaperCut Application Server.

Tweaks like these can enhance the end user experience where the site feels more like home.

Any of our customers that are interested in a rebranding job are welcome to contact our support to discuss in more detail.


An example of a simple rebanding using EEMS’ logo and colour scheme.

New website host!

Faster page loads. Faster software downloads.

Admittedly, it had been far too long since we had reviewed the infrastructure that was supporting our business functions, and some of the services we use were starting to show their age. Most notably, our website was exhibiting slow page load times and the download speeds for software we make available to our clients required a certain level of patience.

Our first of a few changes then has been to move our website to a new hosted platform. Naturally this is an environment that’s built with web hosting in mind, and website data isn’t battling for bandwidth with other services we use. The good news for our customers is the improvement in usability of the site, increased reliability/availability and much, MUCH speedier software downloads.

EEMS extends PaperCut MF into RMIT libraries

RMIT City Campus (Source: RMIT University)

To reflect the successful implementation of PaperCut MF into RMIT University, EEMS is completing the process of integrating the RMIT Libraries into the PaperCut MF solution, to provide a whole of site solution to the University.

Our original scope of implementation was to provide cost recovery and accountability of copy and print services throughout the University, with the Libraries to continue running their own incumbent solution for Students. Over a number of months, the project group completed a process to, site by site, replace the MFD fleet with a consistent make of device and deliver PaperCut MF as the complimentary solution for print and copy control. This included;

  • Implementing PaperCut MF into a clustered environment designed by RMIT to improve reliability of printing services.
  • Decommission a number of incumbent solutions for print control within individual schools into a single, consolidated balance and centrally managed service.
  • Provide new and essential services such as Find Me Printing and Secure Print Release.
  • Integrate RMIT’s contactless card technology into the solution as the login method of choice at the MFD fleet.

The success of the project, stability of the system and ease of administration has resulted in the solution now being extended into the RMIT Libraries, replacing the long-term incumbent solution. This will provide;

  • Cash reload facilities into PaperCut MF via EEMS Kiosks installed into the Libraries (accepting note, coin and EFTPOS).
  • A single, consolidated balance for Students to be used on any device within the university controlled by PaperCut MF.
  • Innovative online top-up methods for those wishing to not use cash to revalue their print and copy accounts.

We take this as a real vote of confidence  in the solution we have designed for RMIT, and the quality of product in PaperCut MF. We are exceptionally proud to be continuing our strong relationship with RMIT University.

EEMS wins North Coast Institute with PaperCut MF

EEMS are excited to announce we have been awarded the tender to provide North Coast Institute of TAFE (NCI) with PaperCut MF as their cost recovery platform of choice.

NCI boasts 17 campus’ along the New South Wales coastline, providing on and off campus courses in Business, Manufacturing and Engineering, Information Technology, Sustainability and Retail and Logistics to name a few.

EEMS’ winning bid was centralised around PaperCut MF. EEMS were successfully able to demonstrate an extensive knowledge of the product (all our techs are PaperCut Certified Professionals after all!) and how PaperCut’s extensive feature set could be used to solve the business needs of NCI. Some of these business needs were common to all higher education sites (charging Students for prints, cash reload etc) and are readily solved out of the box. However, some were quite specific to NCI and called on EEMS’ ability to customise a solution, such as developing the integration into the Institute’s finance package as well as designing a highly available solution using technology available to NCI.

Keep an eye on our blog section for progress updates! Our technicians are looking forward to tanning on the job.

PaperCut integration with Infinitylaw

EEMS are very pleased to announce we have added Infinitylaw to the list of Practice Management Systems we have successfully completed an integration with.

For our professional sites, this integration ensures that PaperCut is updated daily with the list of matters valid in Infinitylaw. This allows Staff to charge their copy, print, fax and scan transactions easily by searching on client/matter codes or text based descriptions of the client name or matter description. Matters no longer valid in Infinitylaw can optionally be deleted from PaperCut or disabled from use (depending on your preference).

In addition to this, the integration will export the transactions from PaperCut on an agreed schedule (daily, weekly, monthly etc) ready for import into Infinitylaw using their defined import file format.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss a PaperCut solution integrated into your Infinitylaw instance.

Keywords:•PaperCut •Infinitylaw •Practice Management •Disbursement recovery •Integration

PaperCut integration with LawMaster

EEMS are happy to announce that we have completed an integration of PaperCut MF into LawMaster. LawMaster is a well established legal and practice management software solution for law firms and conveyancers in Australia.

The integration meets the ideal requirements of a ‘two way’ data exchange.

Import of matter codes

LawMaster provides an export on a daily basis of the definitive list of all current client and matter data. This ensures that the list of matters presented to the users when printing, copying, scanning or faxing will be maintained in PaperCut without any additional administration tasks. New matters and clients in LawMaster will appear in PaperCut. Matters no longer in the export from LawMaster will be deleted/disabled in PaperCut

The integration also allows for Shared Accounts to be managed in PaperCut where need be, and protected from being purged as part of the process. This is helpful to create ‘office’ style accounts for transactions that can’t be charged to clients (i.e. memos, research, footy tips etc).

Export of disbursements

Overnight, PaperCut MF transactions will be exported using the LawMaster defined formats and made available to LawMaster for import. The integration supports;

  • Single or multiple file export
    • Single file export for basic charging against matter codes
    • Multiple file export for defining specific copy, fax, scan, print charges against a matter code
  • Summary or detail exports

Testing of the process was completed in conjunction with LawMaster support and meets the documented formats for disbursement imports.

Please contact us and discuss how PaperCut MF can be used within your LawMaster site.

Keywords:•PaperCut •LawMaster •Practice Management •Disbursement recovery •Integration

EEMS rides again

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We are on a conquest. We have decided to team up in The Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting the the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. It’s a cycling journey throughout Victoria’s scenic countryside in two days.

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