EEMS extends PaperCut MF into RMIT libraries

RMIT City Campus (Source: RMIT University)

To reflect the successful implementation of PaperCut MF into RMIT University, EEMS is completing the process of integrating the RMIT Libraries into the PaperCut MF solution, to provide a whole of site solution to the University.

Our original scope of implementation was to provide cost recovery and accountability of copy and print services throughout the University, with the Libraries to continue running their own incumbent solution for Students. Over a number of months, the project group completed a process to, site by site, replace the MFD fleet with a consistent make of device and deliver PaperCut MF as the complimentary solution for print and copy control. This included;

  • Implementing PaperCut MF into a clustered environment designed by RMIT to improve reliability of printing services.
  • Decommission a number of incumbent solutions for print control within individual schools into a single, consolidated balance and centrally managed service.
  • Provide new and essential services such as Find Me Printing and Secure Print Release.
  • Integrate RMIT’s contactless card technology into the solution as the login method of choice at the MFD fleet.

The success of the project, stability of the system and ease of administration has resulted in the solution now being extended into the RMIT Libraries, replacing the long-term incumbent solution. This will provide;

  • Cash reload facilities into PaperCut MF via EEMS Kiosks installed into the Libraries (accepting note, coin and EFTPOS).
  • A single, consolidated balance for Students to be used on any device within the university controlled by PaperCut MF.
  • Innovative online top-up methods for those wishing to not use cash to revalue their print and copy accounts.

We take this as a real vote of confidence  in the solution we have designed for RMIT, and the quality of product in PaperCut MF. We are exceptionally proud to be continuing our strong relationship with RMIT University.