EEMS Support – solving problems.

Every now and then we get a request for help via support that can’t be solved with the standard features of a product, and we need to look elsewhere for a solution.

Recently, we were presented with a need from one of our clients who wanted to be alerted when any user within the system was credited with a value exceeding a threshold. i.e. they wanted an administratoremail_alert to be emailed if (as an example) $100 was credited to a student user.

While the features of the products we promote cover most use cases, this particular need isn’t currently provided in the solution this customer uses. While adding it in future releases is certainly possible, in this case there is a need for urgency.

Knowing the database schema very well, and having a level of proficiency in Microsoft SQL Server amongst our staff, we were able to demonstrate quickly a solution using a trigger deployed on the database set to fire after a transaction is written to the database. If the given transaction met the requirement (exceeded the allowed limit), we called an existing stored procedure to send an email to the nominated recipient.

This is a great example of how knowing the product, understanding the supporting systems and a little bit of creativity can deliver the right outcome for the client. We enjoy the challenge of thinking outside the square, so be sure to contact support if there’s a particular problem you feel we can help solve.