EEMS wins North Coast Institute with PaperCut MF

EEMS are excited to announce we have been awarded the tender to provide North Coast Institute of TAFE (NCI) with PaperCut MF as their cost recovery platform of choice.

NCI boasts 17 campus’ along the New South Wales coastline, providing on and off campus courses in Business, Manufacturing and Engineering, Information Technology, Sustainability and Retail and Logistics to name a few.

EEMS’ winning bid was centralised around PaperCut MF. EEMS were successfully able to demonstrate an extensive knowledge of the product (all our techs are PaperCut Certified Professionals after all!) and how PaperCut’s extensive feature set could be used to solve the business needs of NCI. Some of these business needs were common to all higher education sites (charging Students for prints, cash reload etc) and are readily solved out of the box. However, some were quite specific to NCI and called on EEMS’ ability to customise a solution, such as developing the integration into the Institute’s finance package as well as designing a highly available solution using technology available to NCI.

Keep an eye on our blog section for progress updates! Our technicians are looking forward to tanning on the job.