Our Story

Our clients are our business! And our commitment is to not only provide a service which will exceed expectation, but to continue the business relationship for many years to come.”

With expense management and cost recovery solutions at its core, EEMS exists to advise, provide and implement a whole of solution experience to its valued customer base. This naturally includes a variety of complimentary solutions integrated to meet the precise needs of each unique site. Print Source 360 is the title we gave to this all encompassing approach to solution design and implementation. Where application or solutions are recommended to customers, the selected product is not just chosen with the particular problem in mind, but rather how they can compliment or integrate into the wider site solution.

With a variety of products on offer, EEMS takes the position of a customer advocate. Working with customer interests mind through the design, implementation and support of their solution, EEMS acts on the customers behalf to provide front line support and ensure escalated support issues are resolved with minimal impact to the customer. As a service based company, this is a core ideal.

With the many years of experience in this field, and refined methodologies for implementation, the risks of installation not meeting customers requirements or causing unforeseen disruption to an organization during rollout are greatly reduced.


EEMS started life as the Victorian branch office for an international company that specialised in a solution for the recovery of photocopy transactions. This was reflecting the times before multifunction print/copy devices were prevalent in all sites.

As the Victorian Market changed, and requirements of our customers began to reflect the maturing of IT departments across all industries, EEMS looked for a wider selection of products to take to the market that had a feature set more suited to our local Market.

Our name changed to reflect what we specialized in, Electronic Expense Management Systems; not just a single product, but rather a collection of products that fell under this umbrella. These solutions are central to our business, with the extended focus on solutions that compliment and integrate into the EEMS suite of application.