PaperCut MF

PaperCut MF Brochure

PaperCut MF is a class leading product in the Australian education market. A centralised web based portal provides full control over print, copy and scanning in your organisation. PaperCut MF has embedded software for most brands of multifunction devices allowing for a seamless end to end user experience for staff and students. A strong reporting engine allows complete monitoring of user, department and enterprise levels ensuring you know who’s printed what, when and where. “Find Me” print and secure print release eliminate uncollected print wastage ensuring no print job is released until the user is at the print device to collect their documents.


MyPC PC Booking


MyPC is the ultimate solution for computer booking and access management which is widely used in Education and Public Libraries to provide librarians and IT staff with complete control over bookings and users’ sessions. MyPC’s unique handling of user bookings allows the optimisation and promotion of fair usage whilst saving staff time.


 Presto Mobile Print


Presto is a robust, cost effective solution for enterprise mobile printing. Unlike other solutions, Presto integrates with a corporate network’s DNS and DHCP servers, freeing it from requiring expensive hardware and additional software components to work. It is not unusual to find a single copy of Presto powering the entire mobile printing services for a large enterprise or university network. Presto supports native printing from the most popular mobile platforms and is compatible with virtually all printers and copiers. Presto also integrates seamlessly with PaperCut, an industry leading print management solution.


Pharos Uniprint

Pharos Uniprint 9 R2 Brochure

Pharos Uniprint is a single print, copy control and PC reservation system that works with a mix and match of equipment manufacturers, models, and computer environments using the latest operating systems and servers. This unique level of convenience and flexibility allows you to fully manage your entire print and copy ecosystem. Pharos Uniprint is Ideal for Public Libraries and Universities.