Cartadis Card Readers use a Hi-coercivity Magnetic Stripe to store a prepaid value for use on prepaid services around the Library.

Some of these services could include:

Computer Management

  • Charge for and limit use of internet access
  • Charge for office applications
  • Offer tiered pricing for office and internet access
  • Offer a range of free Library sites while charging for no-Library related websites


  • Charge for prints completed on printers compatible with PCL5, PCL6 and Postscript languages
  • Digital and Analogue copiers
  • Multi-function printers/photocopiers
  • Options of their Pay then Print (requires card reader on each PC) or Print then Pay (requires a Print Release Stations with Card Reader)


  • Charge for A4, A3, Black and Colour at variable rates
  • Options of Coin or Card or Coin and Card
  • Charge for photocopying on most makes of multifunction printers/photocopiers