Pharos Systems is committed to helping organizations make every print an intelligent decision. Their mission was different when Pharos started in 1992. Then Pharos were a small team of system designers and developers who welcomed any interesting technology problem. This led Pharos to be the first to create a university “pay for print” software solution. Ever-increasing challenges through the years, great customers all over the world, and talented colleagues on two continents have transformed Pharos. Innovative technology that solves real-world problems will always be a vital part of what they offer the world. But today Pharos offers not only software but also services to manage and optimize printing. Customers choose what they need: software and services, just software, or just services.

Pharos helps organizations print less, reduce their printing costs, lessen their impact on the environment, and enhance their printing security. Pharos are hardware-neutral in everything they do. Pharos provide strategic guidance, technology, and management expertise to optimize printing across your entire enterprise, no matter who’s doing the printing, where they’re doing it, or what equipment they’re using to accomplish it. Pharos are unique in optimizing print wherever it happens: in your offices, your computer labs and libraries, your in-house print shops, and sourced from external print providers.

Such enterprise-wide support requires years of experience in document and print management, skill in migrating paper-based workflows to digital, a database of industry metrics, a knowledge-base of best practices, vertical industry expertise, and great software. Pharos Systems has them all.

Your organization is probably printing more than it needs to. Why is this good news?

  • It’s a great opportunity to save money.
  • It’s a problem that Pharos knows how to solve.
  • Printing less is an environmentally sound choice that’s aligned with the core values of so many organizations, and the world at large.

For more information on how Pharos can meet your needs, please contact a Sales representative from EEMS.