PaperCut integration with Infinitylaw

EEMS are very pleased to announce we have added Infinitylaw to the list of Practice Management Systems we have successfully completed an integration with.

For our professional sites, this integration ensures that PaperCut is updated daily with the list of matters valid in Infinitylaw. This allows Staff to charge their copy, print, fax and scan transactions easily by searching on client/matter codes or text based descriptions of the client name or matter description. Matters no longer valid in Infinitylaw can optionally be deleted from PaperCut or disabled from use (depending on your preference).

In addition to this, the integration will export the transactions from PaperCut on an agreed schedule (daily, weekly, monthly etc) ready for import into Infinitylaw using their defined import file format.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss a PaperCut solution integrated into your Infinitylaw instance.

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