PaperCut User Web Tools rebrand/customisation

A less frequently used option with PaperCut is the ability for a site to rework the PaperCut User Web Tools to better reflect the styling of the organisation.

EEMS have just completed one of these rebranding jobs for RMIT, changing the colour scheme and logos to match the approved colour choices and design requirements of the University. This included

  • The use of the RMIT logo including appropriate spacing around the logo to meet specification.
  • Changing the header, navigation and footer colour schemes.
  • Applying the sites choice of font.
  • In some cases reworking the lettering case on menu items.

This is achieved through custom applying css and jQuery elements on the PaperCut Application Server.

Tweaks like these can enhance the end user experience where the site feels more like home.

Any of our customers that are interested in a rebranding job are welcome to contact our support to discuss in more detail.


An example of a simple rebanding using EEMS’ logo and colour scheme.