EEMS have an extensive list of PaperCut MF installations spanning all markets EEMS promotes solutions to.

The PaperCut MF application itself is extremely well documented, and the feature list defined in detail on the PaperCut MF website. This section of our website doesn’t look to replicate this information, rather present EEMS as the most capable and experienced Authorized Solution Center within Australia.

All of our technical team are PaperCut Certified Professionals, ensuring a minimum understanding of the PaperCut solution, it’s architecture and features.

The solutions EEMS have deployed and support cover nearly all aspects of the PaperCut supported feature set. We have Novell, Linux, Windows and Mac server installations, and in many cases, systems that support a combination of these server types. Our solutions span multiple sites, campuses and states. We design our deployments of PaperCut MF with High Availability in mind, acknowledging the budget of deployment will contain these choices.

Our current favorite feature

PaperCut have a release frequently policy which in itself we love, as it allows our clients to benefit from new features frequently. Whilst this particular feature was added sometime ago, the PaperCut Print Script feature had recently grabbed our attention again as we find ourselves on a number of projects that involve device consolidation (reducing the number of printers on site). This feature allows us to be extremely flexible and creative with rules and user interaction at the print queue level. Our current favorite use case is using print scripts to force large jobs (based on number of pages or number of copies) off the remaining convenience style printers and onto the MFD fleet which is cheaper to operate. A second script on the MFD fleet interacts with the Staff to ensure they’re printing choices are cost effective too (think: are you SURE you want to print this in color?).

Our recent successes

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