Special Offers – Updated

Due to the positive feedback from our last round of special offers, EEMS are happy to offer its PaperCut client base a new round of special offers. Implementation of these recommended features of PaperCut are once again at a fixed and attractive rate to encourage the uptake  of some of our favourite PaperCut features.

Print Archiving

In simple terms, PaperCut Print Archiving allows for a complete copy of the printed document to be stored in the PaperCut solution, able to be retrieved and reviewed by those with rights to do so in the PaperCut solution. PaperCut’s log of print jobs presented via the Web UI can be enhanced then from a list of users, document names etc. to a clickable list of thumbnails representing the print jobs themselves.

(source: PaperCut Software International Pty Ltd)

Google Cloud Print

A more recent addition to the list of impressive PaperCut features, PaperCut’s integration with Google Cloud Print is helping solve the disconnect between users of Chrome Books, Android devices, Chrome Browsers etc and traditional printing infrastructure. The PaperCut Application Server acts as an intermediary between the Google Cloud Print service and the PaperCut controlled printing environment. Once configured, jobs from these mobile devices can be printed using the user’s Google account, marshaled into the organization’s printing network via the PaperCut solution, and subjected to the printing rules of the organization appropriate for the domain user that owns these jobs.

Email to Print

Email to Print  is yet another way PaperCut can help an organization solve the mobile device printing problem, allowing users to email jobs from their devices into the printing solution under the control of PaperCut. Whilst PaperCut already provides a number of solutions for mobile print, no one solution will ever meet the needs of all clients. Email is certainly a well accepted technology, and email clients are present on most devices nowadays. Allowing users to simply email a document to an email address that represents a print can offer a simple and effective solution to users.

Our previous specials are still on offer, so please feel free to contact us if you feel these features may benefit your organization.