Special Offers

For our PaperCut customers this month, EEMS is offering a few monthly specials at a flat rate to leverage off some repeatable work we have developed and can deliver to our clients at an attractive rate.

Print policy scripting

EEMS have a script ‘ready to go’ for clients that have interest in implementing a basic print policy that encourages the least costly set of features on any printer. i.e. the majority of implementations of this script set (for all users, or groups of users) A4, single colour, duplex printing as the most cost effective set of print attributes. Should a user that is subjected to the script step outside of these parameters, a popup appears that asks them to reconsider this job based on their chosen features.

Find me printing / secure document release

Customers of EEMS that have terminals or copy control through embedded solutions that don’t currently make use of either of these features can take advantage of a flat rate from EEMS to have this configuration completed. The savings that can be offered to an organization from this simple change are profound. No more unwanted prints. No more abducted jobs. No more accidental reprints. A simple change in user behavior yields significant results.

Installation of BYOD printing solutions

Education sites especially may benefit from a flat rate implementation cost of either (or both) solutions for BYODs (Bring Your Own Devices), though the offer is available for any EEMS clients wishing to extend their current solution to support printing from iPad, iPhone, Netbooks, etc.