The focus of our professional clients is the ability to recover costs from their clients. Lawyers, accountants, architects, serviced offices and other professional environments not only need to ability to be able to recover the cost of document creation and/or document transmission from their clients, but also keep a history of the documents that have been produced or transmitted on behalf of a client or particular matter/job.

Tight control of the resources (printers and MFDs) is still important. Not because Staff are looking to knowingly subvert the process, though when people are in a rush, honor systems tend to fail. So ensuring the solutions we provide are a requirement to interact with before a resource can be used is important, though equally important is ensuring the process is simple and efficient. In short, the goal of our professional solutions is to ensure a client code has been provided before a copy, fax, print or scan is performed.

One of the most integral and unique requirements of this installation type, is the ability for the recommended application to be able to integrate into a practice management or finance application. This ensures the solution that controls the use of the printers and MFDs is up to date with the current list of open client codes. This greatly increases the usability of the system, and reduces the number of transactions that go uncharged (or charged incorrectly). It’s also common to integrate the cost recovery solution into the accounting software to ensure jobs charged through our solutions appear on the client bill with as little interaction from the administrators as possible.

Not every job can be charged to a client. Office memos need to be created, footy tip forms produced, purchase orders faxed. Ensuring a workflow exists that allows non-client transactions to be created, and accounted for, features in our pre-installation process. Training administrators how to monitor the use of these non-client codes is also an important process in our solutions, to limit the amount of otherwise billable transactions that get journaled to these accounts.

If you are considering a solution for your site, we would be more than happy to discuss an implementation considering your needs.

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