EEMS Sphere is a web submission tool for organizations that need a refined workflow for production run job requests to their print rooms. EEMS developed the product in conjunction with Pirion Systems who are the market leader in print room management software. Whilst EEMS had been strong for a number of years in controlling end user MFD and printer access, Print Rooms had always presented a challenge based on the way jobs are reproduced in ways that don’t rely on traditional print servers.

The EEMS Sphere solution offers benefits to different user groups…

End users / staff

Users within the organization are able to submit jobs to a print room from any machine equipped with a web browser and access the site hosted securely within the organization. The web form is customized to allow users to select from options available in their print room; i.e. specific media types, binding types, paper sizes and so on. As options are selected, the cost is calculated and displayed to the users in real time through the web form. Files are simply selected from the users machine, uploaded into the system and made available to the print room accompanied by a clear and standardized ticket.

Print room operators

The workflow within the print room is also streamlined and managed through the EEMS Sphere software. As jobs are accepted and moved through the production workflow, the submitting users are able to see the progress of their jobs. The standardized ticket makes the production information easy to locate and interpret. Hot folders are created that allow for a simple ‘drag and drop’ of jobs to dispatch them at the time of production to the destination production device. All jobs have been converted into PDF prior to the delivery to the print room, though original files are also stored in case the print room want to refine any custom requests.

Feedback from Print Room operators is that the real power of the system is in the month end task of billing. As all tickets in the system are stored electronically, the month end process of reviewing jobs and tallying up departmental or client accounts is now as simple as running a report to have this information calculated. Alternatively, sites that are running one of EEMS’ cost recovery solutions for their MFD fleet can likely have this information directly integrated into their MFD tracking solutions, to offer a ‘whole of print fleet’ approach to billing and accountability.

With a number of success stories to share, please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.