MyPC® is the ultimate solution for computer booking and access management which is widely used in Education and Public Libraries to provide librarians and IT managers with complete control over bookings and users’ sessions. MyPC’s® unique handling of user bookings allows the optimisation and promotion of fair usage whilst saving staff time. With hundreds of customers worldwide MyPC® continues to grow and provide a dedicated development team, constantly working on implementing new features based on customer feedback.

Booking methods

MyPC® offers many booking methods including walk-up, advance, booking with staff and queuing. MyPC® also features a block booking facility for staff and students.

Optimise utilisation

MyPC® allows you to make efficient use of computers in all sites and locations. You can see at a glance which computers are available and you can plan for future procurement based on real usage data.


MyPC® messaging facility allows staff to communicate with users remotely, removing the need to physically approach the user avoiding the possibility of confrontation. MyPC® also includes an optional user surveillance tool, iSPY, to allow staff to view or control user screens.


MyPC® has a wide range of reports to help you identify and capture computer utilisation and user booking statistics. MyPC® also reports on faulty computers allowing you to pinpoint resources which cause downtime in your organisation.

Search & availability

MyPC® allows you to view availability and filter computers with the necessary hardware and software you require. MyPC® has a spreadsheet look and feel, allowing for easy point and click booking.

Flexibility & control

MyPC® provides you with complete flexibility to configure the types of booking methods you wish to implement to suit your organisation. MyPC® works with most major platforms, web browsers and also supports multiple languages.

MyPC product brochure :  MyPC Brochure 2016

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