My Student Account provides a cashless campus solution for Schools and Universities. The system aims to make use of an existing Student ID card, allowing Students to access a balance anywhere within a school, or use the balance for printing and copying through systems like PaperCut

How does it work?

New Schools implementing My Student Account (MSA) leverage off the existing My Student Account website to limit the start-up infrastructure required. MSA have taken care of the integration with the banks and provide the bank level security. This relieves the School from the burden of maintaining bank level security measures.

Parents/Guardians use the portal to credit their Students’ ‘My Student Account’ using a credit card (or BPay options exist also). Cleared funds are transferred to the School’s bank account, allowing the School to accrue interest on the balances in the solution. Once a transaction is processed successfully, a copy of the Student’s balance is updated to a local server onsite at the School ,and funds are available to spend.

Students are able to then access their new balance through MSA Point of Sale (POS) terminals in the cafeteria, bookstore, uniform store, front office or solutions like PaperCut MF. Any item that can be sold via a POS terminal can be paid for using a Student ID card.

Purchases which are made at the School are in turn securely transferred to the MSA website overnight. This allows the Parent/Guardian to monitor the transactions their Students have generated.

Items for sale within a school via the POS terminals can also be made available through the MSA website as menu items. This allows Parents/Guardians to explicitly purchase these items on behalf of the Student. Lunch orders can be placed for Students, uniforms ordered, excursions paid for, etc. Items can also be set as ‘prohibited purchases’ too, preventing a Student from buying items not deemed appropriate.

Other benefits

Improved business management

The My Student Account software improves the business management and image of the school. As parents pre-load funds onto the card, cash flow is enhanced. The software is a tool for stock control and sales analysis. Using the canteen as an example, the system promotes a growth in canteen sales by building the canteens image. No longer will parents be reluctant to allow their son or daughter to purchase their lunch from the canteen. The trial school, Kuluin in Queensland, increased their revenue by an amazing 20%, due to improved parent confidence in canteen purchases.

Additional benefits

  • My Student Account creates a cashless school environment, resulting in less theft and bullying.
  • It is a tool for managing student allergies. When the card is swiped, it alerts canteen staff to food allergies or diet related conditions the child may suffer.
  • It is totally secure. When the card is swiped a picture of the student is revealed, ensuring no other student uses the card.
  • It is super convenient for parents, as no longer do they have to ‘dig around’ in the morning for loose change!
  • Parents can also monitor their child’s eating, via reports that may be sent to parents on request, regarding what their child has purchased.
  • In addition, the My Student Account card is extremely easy for students, parents and canteen staff to use!

We are only too happy to meet and discuss the benefits of MSA for your School.