Pharos Systems International invented student print cost recovery solutions in the early 90s and they continue to innovate today. They are an industry leader in both cloud-based and on-premises software and solutions, serving federal agencies, universities, libraries, and corporations all over the  world.

Pharos can help reduce your organization’s printing costs, lessen your impact on the environment, and secure your print environments and workflows. They provide strategic guidance, technology, and management expertise to optimize printing across your entire enterprise. Pharos specialists are unique in their approach to optimizing print wherever it happens: in your offices, your computer labs and libraries, your in-house print shops, and print sourced from external providers.

This wide-reaching expertise requires years of experience in document and print management, skill in migrating paper-based workflows to digital, vertical industry expertise, a database of industry metrics, a knowledge base of best practices, and proven software. Pharos Systems has them all.

Your organization is probably spending a lot more on print than is necessary. With help from Pharos, you can:

  • Improve your device and document security
  • Significantly reduce your non-essential printing
  • Optimize your business-critical print workflows
  • Save your organization a lot of money each year

For more information on how Pharos can meet your needs, please contact the specialist print management team at EEMS.

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