With a number of applications at the disposal of EEMS to meet the requirements of their clients, it is the understanding EEMS has gained over many implementations that guides the selection of applications for new customers.

Understanding how different organization types use EEMS offerings not only guides the recommendation of product, but also the approach to installation, the recommended configuration and the benefits of integration into 3rd party systems.


Most of our Education clients are trying to solve two use cases. The first is ensuring Student usage is charged to the end user. The second is accounting for Staff usage against a department or fund code. Read more….


The focus of our professional clients is the ability to recover costs from their clients. Typical installations will require an integration into a Practice Management System to ensure current client codes are delivered to Staff to ensure billing is accurate. Read more….


In commercial environments, our clients are looking to reduce the usage of devices, reduce wastage and unclaimed print jobs, or encourage smarter usage of their fleet (i.e. large jobs to high capacity devices) as well as deliver services to their staff that make life easier (Find Me Print, Secure Document Release and mode). Read more….

Public Libraries

Public libraries present unique challenges which EEMS appreciate and understand well. Users for most part don’t have personal logins to desktop machines. Users can be a mix of members and visitors (local and international). Printing and copying costs must be paid in advance and PC reservation solutions are important to reduce the burden on front line staff. Read more….